Minerva gives you the advantage needed to meet your service objectives on a daily basis


Minerva CMMS is an intelligent asset management platform for organizations looking to align core processes and resources so that they can enhance service delivery to customers, improve asset value, productivity, and safety. Minerva CMMS was developed with the idea that for organizations to perform at the moment of truth, they have to ensure that their operational assets (facility and equipment) are in the best condition possible.


With Minerva you can promote a culture of maintenance and safety within your organization, reduce downtime of your critical assets and resources, and ensure that your maintenance team is on the same page with regards to company policies and standard operating procedure (SOP).

  • Every minute matters

    Every minute matters

    Incumbent methods for managing your assets (facility and equipment) are old-fashioned, not efficient, and wastes time. Improve the impact of your maintenance efforts by providing your team technology tools that will dramatically enhance their efficiency and reduce equipment downtime.

  • Responsive & Secure

    Responsive & Secure

    Health, safety, and environment are a top priority for every business. Get a complete picture of your asset condition from purchase till end of life.

  • User Centered

    User Centered

    Our solution is user centered. This means it is intuitive, ergonomic, simple, and has your needs at the center of it. Our values are reflected in our product, which means you will not be disappointed.


Our solution offers roles specific functionality in the following areas.

  • Work order management

    Work order management

    • Improve maintenance workflow efficiency.
    • Schedule automated preventive and corrective maintenance reminders.
    • Track the due date and status of work order tickets, from creation to completion assign to the appropriate technician (SMS or email reminders).
  • Inspection management

    Inspection management

    • Schedule and conduct equipment inspection via an extensible inspection form.
    • Customize inspection forms based on equipment type.
    • Track the due date and status of inspection tickets, from creation to completion with images.
  • Asset inventory

    Asset inventory

    • Create a data bank of your mobile and fixed assets. Includes unique attributes of your inventory of real estate holdings, supplies, equipment, aircraft, marine vessels, and telecommunication masts.
    • Reduce the risk of stock-out by setting reorder points for critical supplies and parts.
    • Track equipment warranty and consumable expiration dates.
procurement features
  • Procurement management

    Procurement management

    • Ensure that important supplies and parts are readily available.
    • Streamline vendor management in order to control costs, drive service excellence, and mitigate risk.
    • Generate Purchase Order (PO) and track status of payables to vendors.
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  • Workflow automation

    Workflow automation

    • Create custom workflow in line with your organizations standard operating procedures (SOP) for your maintenance and inspection related activities.
    • Schedule one-off or recurring notifications (SMS and/or email notification) to technicians and staff based on dearly defined attributes or preferences.
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