PRODUCTS / Procurement

PRODUCTS / Procurement

MINERVA procurement automates your manual purchase process and provides improved visibility and control over important financial data.


  • Automate repetitive procurement tasks
  • Accelerate turnaround time for purchase requests


  • Demand


    The procurement team receives a purchase requisition from your Staff through a predetermined approval process.

  • Requisition Approval

    Requisition Approval

    The requisition is approved based on prescribed approval limits and a purchase order is generated.

  • Vendor Communication

    Vendor Communication

    Purchase Order is electronically sent to the vendor for necessary action either via email or Electronic data interchange(EDI). Integration with the communications module means that additional pathways are available to ensure that the correct items are purchased and they are delivered on time (reminders).

  • PO Fulfillment

    PO Fulfillment

    Receive purchased supplies and equipment and capture information as part of your inventory

  • Invoice Reconciliation

    Invoice Reconciliation

    2 and 3-way invoice matching against both the purchase order and the receiving paperwork

  • Payment


    Matched invoices are routed for approval, once approved, invoice is sent to the account payable team to process for payment. An optional bank integration means that matched and approved invoices are electronically sent as instructions to your bank for payment


  • Requisition Management

    Requisition Management

    • Review, approve and cancel requests made for purchasing goods and services
    • Monitor all requests and ensure that nothing is ordered without required approval
    • Track and process departmental and organizational requests for goods and services
  • Purchase Order Management

    Purchase Order Management

    • Generate purchase order and send to vender with a tap
    • Execute bid and vendor analysis
    • Manage the entire purchase order lifecycle up to delivery and making of payments
    • Track POs by type, beneficiary, vendor, age, location, and purpose
    • Reduce PO processing time by streamlining approval routing
    • Import historical purchase orders
  • Accounts Payable Automation

    Accounts Payable Automation

    • Invoice collection and categorization
    • Routing for Approvals
    • Invoice matching and verification
    • Posting of payment and archiving
procurement features
  • Inventory Management

    Inventory Management

    • Establish real time visibility into your stock of supplies and equipment
    • Manage requests and assign inventory to Staff
    • Manage receipt of purchased supplies and equipment
    • Create an audit trail of supply consumption and replenishment
  • Improved Vendor Database

    Improved Vendor Database

    • Onboard and manage vendors from a single application
    • Provide vendors a portal to access and share required information
    • Maintain a robust vendor database with information such as name, contact details and contracts
    • Improve vendor management and track the status of payables to vendors
    • Track activity, performance and payment history
    • Import backlog vendor data
  • Executive Dashboard

    Executive Dashboard

    • Display expenditure, process and behavioral information drawn from your procurement activity and pattern.
    • Give stakeholders instant access to customizable dashboards for more informed business decisions across the organization.


Integration with other applications means you can get more out of your existing solutions.

  • appfolio
  • outlook
  • propertyware
  • gsuite
  • buildium
  • slack
  • gmail
  • google calendar
  • microsoft AD
  • rent manager
  •  azure logic apps

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