Minerva improves the coordination of communication between staff, customers, vendors, and other resources required to keep your real estate business running smoothly and profitably.

Whether you are a fast growing or already established real estate operation, coordination of leasing or property sale activities can be very challenging. Modern real estate management software is certainly a requirement, but it is not always enough. Supervisory staff still report feeling overwhelmed by the large number of repetitive but important tasks they have to track and respond to. Minerva helps you get more done with less.


Where we can help

Reminders for repetitive but critical tasks within your core operations managed on Minerva or another software can be automated, so they are never overlooked.

  • Lease Expirations & Renewal

    Lease Expirations & Renewal

    Allowing expired leases to fall through the cracks may be denying you significant revenues right now. Following up with customers on expiring leases does not have to be a game of phone tag. There is a better way. Minerva’s Communication Hub allows you to automate the renewals process, so clients receive targeted email or sms notifications with instructions at specified intervals (e.g. 60 or 90-day notices) till the lease status changes.

  • Collections and Receivables

    Collections and Receivables

    Chasing down late rents or processing evictions can take up an inordinate amount of time that could be spent on other areas of your business. You can take back this time by automating the dispatch of personalized email and sms to customers about upcoming payments or late payments at specified intervals till the account status changes. Minerva’s communications hub will help you collect cash quicker.

  • Sales Management

    Sales Management

    Reduce revenue leakages by actively tracking lease and property sale income across residential and commercial properties. Create notifications that alert you or the customer when a new sales transaction has been added. Create and track performance targets (KPI) associated with your sales team.

  • Payment Confirmation

    Payment Confirmation

    Automate the dispatch of up-to-date receipts or account statements to customers when payment is made on rent, service charge, and common area expenses (CAM) or when a particular payment threshold has been reached.

  • Reporting


    Reduce the time spent printing, collating, and sending reports. Minerva can automatically collate the required data for rent rolls reports or tenant rent statements and then schedule dispatch based on an event or date (e.g. end-of-month). Additionally, you will have the benefit of a centralised and comprehensive record of outgoing correspondence with customers, staff, vendors, and owners.

  • Tenant off-boarding

    Tenant off-boarding

    The key to minimizing days off-market and maximizing your occupancy rate is to have an efficient and transparent way of notifying your customers, staff, and vendors of their responsibilities as outlined in your standard operating procedure. SMS and email notifications can be sent to each stakeholder till the customer vacates and you receive the keys. A reminder to leasing staff about an upcoming lease expiration means that units can be placed on the markets before the tenant actually moves out.

Setup once and forget. Minerva runs automatically in the background while you work on other areas of your real estate business.

  • Email and SMS Automation

    Email and SMS Automation

    Send time or action triggered emails and SMS with community relevant information. Whether it is periodic email or SMS broadcasts to help cultivate community relationships or birthday greetings that add a personal touch, email and SMS automation makes keeping in touch with your community easier.

  • Procurement & Inventory

    Procurement & Inventory

    Whether you are using Minerva’s procurement module or a third party solution, automate the dispatch of SMS or email reminders to your team or a vendor about upcoming or past due fulfillment of purchase orders, so everyone is held accountable. Out of stock or low stock supplies will no longer come as a surprise. Setup notifications to alert a vendor or yourself when a supply type falls below a prescribed reorder point.

  • Maintenance


    Ensure that work order requests and assigned work orders are not overlooked and that your technicians and vendors alway have the most relevant information required to resolve a work order request. Create targeted notifications that keeps staff and the requisitioner (customer) updated as a work order progresses.

  • Visitor Management

    Visitor Management

    Visitor management can be more than simply managing the entrance and egress of visitors. Manage communication with visitors before, during and after a visit has concluded. You can send surveys, marketing materials, new product announcements, and safety information to scheduled and unscheduled visitors.

  • Property Inventory

    Property Inventory

    Build a comprehensive data bank of your commercial and residential property portfolio across regions and countries. Model your properties/building to indicate specific amenities, physical details (e.g. floor, units, and sqm), pricing, and images. Share images and details with clients via email with the simple click of a button.

  • Lead Management

    Lead Management

    Send notifications to team members when new leads are created via your website. Also setup welcome messages to be sent to leads based on product or services requested.

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