Manage your inventory of equipment and supplies. Track inventory levels, assign supplies, and monitor consumption of materials used to operate your business.


Improve responsiveness by better organizing your storeroom or warehouse with Minerva’s streamlined double entry inventory system. Implement the best practices with regards to requisition and inventory fulfillment. By deploying Minerva inventory you carry less stock, while reducing the risk of stockout as replenishment can be automated.

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Whether you wish to track the movement of assets or monitor the request and assignment of equipment, Minerva Inventory has got you covered

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    Manage your business assets from any device, Minerva Inventory provides a full movement history including location, date, quantity, so you can see who signed out an equipment and who it has been assigned to. Whether it is a heavy duty equipment allocated to a project site, a laptop given to a new employee or an air conditioner assigned to an office, Minerva provides you with up to date information on the activity of your assets.

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    Create a data bank of your assets. This can include unique attributes (i.e. serial numbers, dimensions, and barcoding) of your inventory of real estate holdings, supplies, equipment, aircraft, and telecommunication masts. Coordinate and manage fixed and mobile assets required for the optimal performance of your business.


Your inventory is an important part of your working capital, which requires judicious administration.

  • Gain complete inventory control and full visibility of what you have in stock, avoid stock-outs, manage supplies requests, and assignments. Minerva Inventory also provides real-time data and analytics for accurate inventory reporting and monitoring.

  • Manage supply fulfillment at your warehouse or store room. No situation is too big or small for Minerva invoice. Match supply receipt to relevant purchase orders, ensuring you are getting value for money. Track movement of stock from purchase to warehouse to sales order.

  • Executive Dashboard for Monitoring and Reporting
  • Manage multiple items, categories and groups
  • Capture asset images, descriptions, specifications and documents
  • Keep cost under control with real time information of inventory requests and utilization
  • Never run out of stock with our reorder point and low-stock notification
  • Use reorder points to automate RFQs for an efficient supply chain process

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